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Thread: Don and Barbara's Grand Adventure

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    Default Don and Barbara's Grand Adventure

    Hello from way out in the country in Barbour County Alabama. We are home at last. We got here Friday afternoon to find our house locked up, which was a good thing, but without a key to unlock the doors, which was not so good. My friend locked up the doors rather than the deadbolts and we only had deadbolt keys. So we had to break in which was so easy it was scary. Everything here was fine, except for lots of dust, cobwebs, spider webs and a little mildew.
    As you all know from reading our posts, this trip has been incredible from start to finish. We were gone 8 months and 4 days and logged just shy of 29,000 miles(57 miles actually). We visited 35 states, 2 provinces and a territory in Canada and got our passport stamped at 82 National Parks, Monuments and Battlefields. Don says this is the only trip we have ever taken, that he was excited when we turned toward home. I think knowing we didn’t have to go back to work was the reason for that, though.
    We did get to Key West, but only as a day trip last Wednesday. Since we were there in January we only wanted a picture to show the bike at the southern most point and we got that. We had lunch at Margarittaville and turned for home. The trip, since leaving Springfield, was done in a rather "hurry up" mode but we enjoyed the ride…except for the traffic down the east coast of Florida.
    Thanks to everyone who read our posts and encouraged us with you comments and prayers. They were truly appreciated. Thanks to everyone we met on the road, who also gave us encouragement, your friendship and prayers. You made the trip even more enjoyable and unforgettable.

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    Glad you are home! We all have really enjoyed hearing about your travels and I must admit I for one anyway am very jealous! However, my selfish side is really glad you guys are back...we have missed seeing you! I look forward to seeing you at the Christmas party!!
    Welcome Home!!!
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    Welcome back to Alabama, I certainly enjoyed your travels, pics and stories and looking forward to seeing you in person and hearing more.

    Get photo copies of the NP stamps, and little paper work to Iron Butt Association for the National Park Tour Master Traveler certificate...
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    So very glad you made it home safe - that's the best part of the trip. Did anyone kiss the driveway when you got off the bike?
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    Welcome home Don and Barbara. Congratulations, you did it Key West and all. I look forward to seeing you soon and to hearing all about your journey.
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