I just wanted to make my intro. Although not currently a member of the MOA I was a member for many years when I lived over in north Georgia. I also belonged to the Georgia BMW Riders Club. Right now I own a 2010 F650GS Twin that I don't ride nearly enough since I've retired down to south Alabama (Atmore).
One of my newly acquired hobbies is podcasting! Years ago I started do do a podcast associated with my Slablog blog but it never really got started. Now my 2 brothers and I host one that is kind of motorcycle related. That is we talk to/interview anyone who is motorcycle friendly, be it mechanics, racers, riders, dealers, or anyone else who would like to join us for a 15 or 20 minute chat about...mostly motorcycling.

You can check out the podcast at iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google Play or anywhere you listen to podcasts. The link to check out the web site where all the podcasts reside, is below. Give some of them a listen and feel free to comment, or contact us to be on the show sometime. We host in person, in the studio, or guests can simply phone in and get on the show.