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    The usual crowd that gets together Friday nights in Huntsville has been thinking about relocating due to general dissatisfaction with the West End Grill. It is getting more and more crowded, loud, and has a poor layout for a group and conversation. Since this past Friday was the Christmas tree lighting at the Bridge Street development making traffic in the area impossible, we relocated to the "Nook" on Bob Wallace Avenue, SW. It is known for it's selection of 500 beers from all over the world, many local, micro brews and Alabama sources. It has a regular bar as well. The food menu is a bit limited but good, but we rarely stayed at the WEG for dinner anyway. There are no restaurants in walking distance but many within a short drive.

    By unanimous decision of those present, we have decided to move the Friday night mandatory Scooter Trash meeting to the Nook for the immediate future. Any further information will be updated here and on the FaceBook page.
    If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop in and visit.
    Respectfully reported,
    Jeanne Z

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    Good Job, Jeanne! That worked very well. Just have to come up with a list of possible dining options.

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