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Thread: Departure From Edgar's Bakery (Colonnade) Time Change

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    Default Departure From Edgar's Bakery (Colonnade) Time Change

    Here’s a memo from Jim Dubick RE: Bama-Bucks. To be sure we arrive in time to be seated without a long wait, we must change our departure time from Edgar’s Bakery (Colonnade) to 7:30 am with Martin’s riders briefing at 7:15. Please have your gear on and ready to ride (full tank and an empty bladder) after Martin’s briefing.

    Hi Bob,
    Suz and I had lunch at Bama Bucks today. I talked to the owner and the head hostess. The hostess wants me to call her Thursday with a head count. We need to be there before 11 if possible. Suz and I got there about 5 minutes after 11 and two large groups were already seated and several others were seated also. The owner asked me to have you park at the Far East end of the lot against the fence. I will go by there and take a couple pictures of the lot and send them to you. It won't be a long walk.

    David Hogg and his Jasper group are meeting us at the intersection of US 11 & Washington Valley Rd. which is 7 miles NE of Springville on US 11. We will be there at 8:45 + -, but will not stop so please be ready to ride when we pass by.

    Please tell me if you are going to join us at Bama Bucks by replying on the forum or sending me an email message.

    The weather looks like it’s going to be good, the roads are great and Bama Bucks is a very special eatery. I’m looking forward to passing a great time with y’all this Saturday 4-13-2019.
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