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Thread: Huntsville Friday Nite BMW Rendezvous

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    Default Huntsville Friday Nite BMW Rendezvous

    The regular "Friday rendezvous" of the Madison County/Northern AlaBeemer Beverage Society will meet at Ager's Acres on 22Mar19!

    This is our 2019 non-Redemption House Party!

    Alabama Law gives the Foreclosure Subject 12 months to "Redeem" their house.

    Twelve months have lapsed since the last homeowner vacated said property; we not planning on moving anymore...

    Time to Raise a Glass of Vin or Lager!!!

    Come on by whenever you're available - say Après 4 and we'll plan on wrapping up, as per usual, say 8 or 9'ish....

    Geographical Specifications:
    1402 Sierra Blvd SE, Huntsville, AL or N34° 43.484' W86° 33.935'

    I'm in the Directory if you actually have questions (or answers).
    As mentioned at El Cayote, feel free to bring something to share with all attendees if you feel inspired.
    We're planning light hors d'oeuvres & snacky bits....
    Our neighbors are also invited, so just stop by relax, linger, mingle, and move on with your Friday appointments. No Pressure!

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    Congratulations you guys! Glad you are past the point of redemption (wait, that just doesn't sound right...ahhh whatever) Sounds like a great time. Sorry we will not be able to make it...but someday...and hopefully not too long from TODAY!!!! We will be retired too and can make these kind of parties!
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    I may not be here for a long time...but I am here for a good time!

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    Default After Action Report

    Another Friday evening rendezvous of Rocket City's Rough Riders has come & gone.

    If ya made it, then we hope you had an enjoyable visit.
    If ya couldn't make it, better luck next time!

    Here's the AlaBeemer contingent who were able to stop by and say, "HEY!"


    We missed the Hedricks who were off On the Caribbean for their 50th Anniversary 'yachting adventure' with their young'uns.

    All told, including a few of our new neighbors, 13 guests actually mingled & Whined a bit...

    Til next time, Sláinte!
    Phil & Karen+Pops

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