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    "Hello Alabeemers,

    I have been receiving emails from club members thanking me for taking care of the our club web page for the past 10 years. Most seem to indicate that I am no longer taking care of the web site. I don't plan to abandon our club as your webmaster until a replacement has been found. Here is an email I sent to Tim Flynn last year.

    "I have been taking care of the website for more than 10 years. I am no longer participating in the club and I seldom ride, so I am not in tune with what the club really needs on the website. At one time, Brian Hinton wanted to take responsibility for the website. I have contacted Brian and have asked him if he still wants to take on that project. If his answer is yes, I will turn the responsibility over to him with no interference from me. Brian is considering the offer, but is undecided at this time.

    If Brian does not want to take on the responsibility, I'll continue to keep the site up and running, just as I have done in the past.

    I'm just keeping you in the loop.

    Steve Schuckman"

    Thanks to Steve for posting his memo. Hopefully he will remain our Webmaster.
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    I agree, thanks Steve for all you do for the club.



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    FWIW, I'd be willing to 'assist' in web management. I'm Not an accredited Webmaster, but I'm willing to learn...

    If my assistance can be of use on a Web Services Committee, Sign Me Up.

    Cheers to all you UnderPaid Volunteers. I do know from experience how much All Y'all try to please.

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