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Thread: 1983 R100RT Repair help

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    Default 1983 R100RT Repair help

    Hello, new guy here. I have an 83 R100RT that was given to me by my father in law. He bought it in 84. He has ridden it all over the country. It sat for a while and someone rebuilt the carburetors but they were not sync'd up since being put back on the bike. I did what research I could and I have the bike running but it need fine tuning and some other work done to it. My problem is that I cannot find anyone who can work on them!
    I really want to find someone who will let me help in the repair so I can understand and know when there is an issue.
    Im in Alabama outside of Birmingham.
    Any ideas on how to find someone? Many guys think they can work on it but are not sure. I dont want to drop it off somewhere and get charged for the expensive parts they 'think' are wrong. I dont want someone guessing either.
    Next year will be our 30th wedding anniversary and I really want to take my wife out on it. She has great memories of riding with her dad on this bike when she was in her teens.
    Any ideas are welcome.
    Thank you!

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    Being near Birmingham I suggest you contact Terry Ware . If he can't help you with that he can likely steer you in the right direction. Welcome aboard and we hope to see you at a club event sometime soon!
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    You could also try Moto Ace in Leeds. I believe they just relocated to a bigger place. There was also another place there in Leeds, A&G, I was told that one off the guys, Clark is still working on bikes.
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    John Zibell works on older airheads if interested in getting it up to Huntsville

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    Thank you Jeanne. That is good to know.
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