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    Hey Guys, Ive just rejoined the club after a few years of getting sidetracked but thought I would share my last great ride. Last June I was to leave with my friend Stan Zangel and two of his buddies John Hinshaw and Tom Armstrong. Well about two weeks before we were to leave Stan and Tom had to back out so it left me and John Hinshaw. Well even though I did not really know him at that point, I was going even if it was alone. Stan said we would get along great and he was right. We had a great trip and Im ready to go do it again...
    Sadly to say a couple of months after John returned home he passed away with lung cancer. So I feel blessed to have spent so much time with him and share this one last great ride with him.
    I kept a blog going during my trip and its still accessible if you would like to see it and some of the pictures along the way. Go to: It is in reverse order so scroll down to the beginning if you want to see from the start.
    I spent 42 days on the road and 12,000 miles and can't wait to do it again. Which now looks like maybe next year, so if anyone has it on their bucket list give me a shout. Safe Travels, Jeff.

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    Welcome back Jeff. I enjoyed your Alaska journal.
    Nice to look at those trip reports from friends who have made the journey. I've never had the inclination. Anytime I even think about it I try to read about what I missed. It changes my mind every time! I am more of a head South for the warmer weather kind of girl.
    There are still a few of us that get together Friday nights. West End Grill near Bridge street. Not as many as in the "old" days, but there aren't as many active around Huntsville anymore. Hope you stop by some evening.
    Jeanne ( & John)

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