I have a nice oilhead that would be a great bike for a re-entry rider.
I would rather see someone buy & ride instead of parting out, its just wrong!

Go to my website

www.twinsig.net (there's an email & FB link)

there are a few photos there, and BTW, I will be offering FULL disclosure if I sell it running.

A breakdown of pricing:
$1600 w/OEM shocks & OEM seat
$2100 w/Ohlins shocks & OEM seat (rebuilt 4/3/13 prob 15-17k on em, sprung for 180lb touring rider 1up) still good/no leaky
$2500 w/Ohlins & RDL dual seat (just reviewed the RDL seat invoice $790 w/cover/shipped)

Clymer Manual
Owners Manuals
3 yr old PC680 which is in fine condition (in my KGT) I'll be buying a new 680 for the K.
motocentric tank bag
Gadget shelf/dash
OEM side cases
OEM rear rack & GIVI topcase mount
GS type handlebar mirrors
IGN sw & Low Beam fuse mod done
Upgraded L side cam chain tensioner done
speigler brake lines
fuel tank/system maint done summer of 2014 prob 10k miles max
drive shaft replaced, has about 75k on it
ABS bled every year at least, fully functional!
The old girl is actually ready to go, valves good, sync good, tires good, runs great!

Known Issues:
Clutch safety sw does not work (will start in gear, don't do that!)
burns 1 qt oil per 6000 miles in town, near zero burn on long distance

I have the orig transmission (80K miles) which I repaired/rebuilt (has not been tested in the bike), ALL new NSK bearings (no chinese) new seals, 1 shim replaced, 1 shift-drum washer. I will take the $200 invested if the RT buyer wants it. Also have a used clutch set from a 29k police bike I bought from rubbersideup, $75 invested.

Any further details to be discussed via phone, way too much to text. 205-405-6671, Charles Wright