I've got a 2005 R1200RT that I've just had a few months. Love it so far, if I can get some medical relief on my knees.

The bike has 33k miles, is in good condition, and has a few neat add-ons (illium works lowered floorboards, illium works highway pegs, Adaptiv radar detector, PIAA running lights, large Givi top case, Autocomm brain, and a Zumo 660 fork mount that I don't use, and a V-Steam Shield). I just put on new PR4 GT tires and I love them. Comfortable beyond belief compared to worn Dunlops that were on there.

The only thing I was thinking I might need to do is check and replace the battery. When I got my newly made key from BMW today, I tried it in all the tumblers to make sure it works. While I had the seat off, I checked the date on the Odyssey PC680 battery that is installed. It is just over 4 years old. Haven't had any issues cranking, and I was wondering if there is any reason to play it safe and replace it (I ride alone a good bit of the time and would rather not get stranded).

I saw somewhere where the Odyssey folks say average life is 7-12 years. That sounds so far beyond any bike battery that I've ever used, that it makes it hard for me to believe. Is this the kind of life y'all see from the Odyssey?