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    I know there are a lot of members planning to attend the Rally in MN and I think it would be fun if we planned to all get together at one time so we can visit with everyone. I was thinking about Friday night around 6 pm at the "Alabama compound" which would be where ever Jim Kalahan has set it up. I know the vendors and seminars are finished. BYOB of course. I know it's around dinner time but didn't know where we could all meet for dinner. I don't want to make it later because we are not staying at the fairgrounds and want to leave before it gets too late.

    So how does that sound to everyone? Especially to you Jim since I am volunteering you as the host.

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    sounds good to me Lenn. Of course I never know where I will be when as I am always on the move during rally time! I look forward to seeing you all "up" there!!
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    Barring any more unfortunate luck, Jo Ann and I will be at the rally. We're booked at the Holiday Inn Express. A Friday night get together sounds great. Hope to see all the Alabeemers there.
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