Hear Ye...Hear Ye...
We are in need of someone (maybe a couple??) to head the pancake cooking team for the rally. Phillip and Martha will not be able to attend this year and we need some help. We have all the equipment and we'll get servers and plenty of instruction...(needed or not )

Please consider working this very important station for us and get the chance to greet thise early morning rally goers with hot pancakes. after all they will be starved as they will not have eaten anything for probably 5 or 6 hours!!

Please let me or connie know by posting here or email if you can help. This will be on Friday, Saturday mornings. This year we will not serve pancakes on Sunday morning but will go with a lighter "continental" style breakfast.

Let us know if you can help Connie bamabmw@aol.com or Vance weridebmw@bellsouth.net

We are waiting to hear from you!