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August 14 2nd Sat R-2-E!

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  • August 14 2nd Sat R-2-E!

    Welcome to the August 2nd Saturday Ride-2-Eat Invitation. As we’re still going on our ’21 CoddiWomple, I’m gonna make this short and sweet. Meet for BBQ lunch at Bama Boys BBQ in Henagar ~11:30! Addr:= 8940 Burton Drive. Next to the intersection of highways 40 & 75 in Dekalb County. Phil & Karen will lead whoever shows up at the Blue Plate Cafe for the usual Sat AM Vintage Breakfast… We’ll try to find some backroads leading north & east.

    Cheers Y’all, Phil & Karen in beautiful Escalante, UT. :cool :


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    Have fun! I thought I'd be able to make this one, but other jobs took priority.
    2012 Triumph Bonneville SE
    2015 BMW R1200RT


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      We had some fun riding north up & around the backroads from HSV toward Henagar on August's 2nd Saturday ride-2-eat!

      Sorry there were few actual attendees from the club, but we'll try again in November somewhere closer to B'ham -
      We're sorta busy in Sept & Oct - HEY, SHIFT HAPPENS!!!

      Jim Mc'C seemed to enjoy our outing along Hwy 65 north from AL-72 and then county-road 33 South toward Scottsboro.

      I corralled a few random cats on the front porch before lunch... It ain't easy to herd these particular stray cats...

      The almost complete group after ordering lunch; Fred {left front} from the Georgia BMW club appeared outta Nowhere
      {after I contacted their President}. Mark (top-right), was just a bit late; he intimated he'd join the club in the very near future!


      Mdm Secretary strutting her Bold 'Fast Butt' shirt...


      Hope to see a few more bodies on motorcycles next time.

      We are celebrating the Club's 50th B'day at Lake Guntersville in October!
      Show up & have some fun recollecting "about The Good Old Days"
      {before Team HSV was even conceived}!

      Hasta la vista, Y'all!
      Team HSV