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June Second Sat Ride-to-Eat!

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  • June Second Sat Ride-to-Eat!

    So Don’t Look Now, but here comes June’s “2nd Saturday Ride-2-Eat”

    I’m again making this month’s ride easy for us northerners; I’m planning an enjoyable ride to Celtic Cup coffee shop in Tullahoma, TN. Here’s the menu for your consideration: >> <<

    Planning an after-lunch visit to the Beechcraft Stagger-Wing Air Museum nearby (
    admission fee req’d). Perhaps there will even be time for the faithful few attending riders to pay our respects to George A Dickel’s legacy at the nearby Cascade Hollow Distillery for a post-mortem discussion of all things Beechcraft or Tennessee Whiskey. Did someone say “Bottled in Bond Single Barrel Whiskey?”

    Y’all can meet us there if you desire; the HSV contingent will leave from the Blue Plate Cafe on Governor’s Drive ~0900 with an estimated arrival in Tullahoma ~1100. I’m attaching a pdf-picture of our curvy & twisty route northward - feel free to Ride Your Own Ride to 106 N. Anderson Street in Tullahoma. Attached is my list of Garmin waypoints and the anticipated Route.

    I’m trying to get folks out for a ride and a luncheon. I can’t make you find the time to participate. Our next jaunt is to the MOA International Rally in Springfield, MO. I didn’t bother to request reserved camping space, because all y’all are not expected to be present - unlike many other chartered clubs. Team-HSV will be there camping and volunteering for the success of the MOA’s annual rally.

    Keep the rubber side down everyone.
    VR, P&K

    PS: Meeting Minutes from the Joe Wheeler State Park Business Meeting are attached below for your review...

    Some motorcycles at Pavilion number 1 early PM, 21May22:

    P&K, tripod looking towards our blue mini-camper across a Tenn River inlet from Pavilion #1 at JWSP:

    A few HSV attendees at the Celtic Cup Cafe pre-ride-2-eat luncheon on 28-May-22.

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    Happy to report a successful 2nd Saturday R2E to the Celtic Cafe yesterday! We had 11 riders, four of whom were actual MOAL members including the enthusiastic Jim McCortstin who frequently manages to ride up to the Blue Plate Cafe in HSV before the group leaves on my planned ADVenture.

    We all arrived alive, even Miranda from Madison on her 250 Honda Rebel (her father has a BMW...) was introduced to some new country roads.
    Everyone enjoyed some good vittles to include some authentic Irish Coffee, and then we moved on to other Saturday afternoon activities after visiting downtown Tullahoma, TN.

    Here’s the entire gaggle before we headed off in different directions. Had 9 BMWs & 2 Hondas.


    Seven folks were sufficiently interested to tour the Beechcraft Vintage Aviation Museum nearby as I had suggested.
    A splendid display of early generations of Beechcraft aircraft in several buildings, with future exhibits in-progress back in the workshop.
    Weirdly, we had the entire parking lot and museum to ourselves until we were headed back to our motorcycles.

    Here’s Mdm Secretary upon entering the first large exhibit hall.


    Here’s a beautiful example of the Parish Staggerwing, Big Red" powered by a 9-cyl P&W Wasp Jr motor (450 HP).

    It’s an interesting museum for the curious vintage aviation aficionados!

    We meandered through three large hangers for at least 1.5 hrs.
    Here’s an example of the small-lot production of the Beechcraft Starship, circa 1992.
    It apparently was a technological marvel with forward canards and no rear rudder - just vertical winglets at the wingtips.
    It had a total production of a mere 53 aircraft due to the economic conditions in the late 80’s.


    P&K stopped to CoddiWomple an ‘E’-town on our way south towards HSV.

    Hope all y’all AlaBeemers had as much fun on a comfortable Saturday leading up to the Summer of 2022!

    Get ready to R2E in July to Chef Troy’s Talk of the Town in Houston [Alabama],
    before heading over to Vance & Maris Lake House in August...

    Be safe & be seen on all your excursions!
    Phil & Karen