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  • July meeting

    It was so great to see the folks who came out this weekend to Vance and Mari's Lake house. As always they did a marvelous job welcoming all to their home. It was a beautiful few days. Thanks for the hard work they put in to get ready for us. I heard Captain Vance got the boat out for a cruise on the lake but a few of us were too busy with paperwork to even notice. Maybe next time??
    Jim Kalahan's shrimp boil was so good. He makes it look easy. Hopefully there will be some pictures showing up before too long.

    We are working on a couple projects, for one in particular, I could use your help. I am compiling an email data base of members going back as far as I can. Recent and current members have kept up with changes. If you keep in contact with older, or lapsed members who may have changed their email address , please ask them to let us know directly or if you could supply updates. Several are listed with work emails, or providers who no longer exist etc. I am hoping some of them have been able to retire by now and had to change contact addresses. Any help would be appreciated. Stay tuned for notes on discussions.
    Thanks Vance and Mari, Jim Kalahan, and Pam Werstler(pressed into service for our wandering president and secretary.)
    Jeanne Z

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    You're right Jeanne is was great to see everyone after so long. We even got a couple new members signed up



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      The pictures Pam posted on FB were great. Did I see Kathy Steber in one of them? I hope to be back on my feet by the October Meeting, Miss you all.
      Jim Dubick
      2010 R1200RT