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MOA Orange Beach Getaway?

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  • MOA Orange Beach Getaway?

    Just back from Orange Beach & Mobile where all the locals were celebrating Mardi Gras! Sorry we were the only representatives of the AlaBeemers (as far as I could tell)... We enjoyed our 2nd O.B. MOA Getaway; certainly look forward to next year's. Met folks from various nearby states as well as CA, OK, IN, & SC. We had some fun exploring Mobile at Ted Moyer's behest telling us to have fun and take some pictures with your new MOA towel (As If we were getting a jump on the 2021 CoddiWomple)... Ted handed out extra door prize tickets for sending in your 'bounty' photographs. I did win a nice mini MotoPressor air pump... T'was too chilly to actually stop at the USS Alabama & too windy to take the ferry across Mobile Bay! Maybe in 2022...

    Here's K at the seaside park in lovely Fairhope, AL.


    Und here's K at the Firehouse Museum in Mobile (which wasn't open on Sat).


    And here's Mdme Secretary on the dunes at the Doubletree in O.B.AL.


    Finally - here's K with Ted after dinner on Friday...


    We chatted with Reece & and Rhonda from wunderbar Fort Rucker who were present representing the MOA's higher-ups back in Greer, SC.... Let's see if we can increase our attendance by say maybe 110% next February! Yes the North Winds were howling this year, but it was doable... When we departed HSV on Fri, t'was ~34F; t'was ~32F when we arrived home on Sun! Burrrr!!! Thank the Lord for Heated Gear! Hope Global Warming will cool its Jets(tream) winds in 2022.

    We're hoping to have at least one Ride-2-Eat for the 2nd Saturday in March -- stay tuned to the Happenings Folder!!!

    Blessings y'all; stay Healthy & Happy!