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January 2021 Virtual Business Mtg

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  • January 2021 Virtual Business Mtg

    Hey Everyone, this is your 'elected' President speaking.

    Due to the unscheduled Pandemic, those members concerned with the club's status
    attended an online, Business Meeting last Saturday via Zoom. I was duly elected-promoted
    to President [in accordance with tradition]! I thank Pam for her participation as President in
    the covid-stricken, limited riding-year of 2020 - a year that will live in Infamy for all of us! She
    arranged to host the group meeting via Zoom, as so many meetings were accomplished in 2020!

    Since we're all waiting for herd immunity, spring meetings were written off. The club will continue
    operating virtually for a spell, but I want to encourage everyone to contact me if you seriously want
    to organize an impromptu Ride-2-Eat. You're encouraged to put your planned Ride on the Forum
    {under the HAPPENINGS tab} as well as having me electronically invite every member to the gathering.
    I suggested a tiered strategy with regard to Organized Rides, with Alabama split into a North/Huntsville,
    Central/Birmingham, and southern region/Mobile/Dothan. Anyone can step up and Suggest a Ride to
    a designated restaurant at any time, as long as we can get the word out... There might even be
    overlapping R2E's on the same weekend in different regions. We're simply trying to "keep it simple"
    and encourage the membership to enjoy riding in 2021 and camaraderie across a table for lunch or dinner.

    I'm appending the official minutes of the Zoom meeting. Thanks to the folks who were able to log-in!
    Let's hope we won't have to Zoom together for much longer. Team Ager is on the hook to arrange
    another spring meeting, this time 21-23 May, at Joe Wheeler State Park. Hope you'll put it on your
    calendar, and come out and mingle together.

    Stay healthy, stay in touch, and keep riding safely!
    Ciao, Philip and Karen Ager


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    Thank you Phillip for taking on the task of President and for posting the meeting results. And thank you Jeanne for hanging in there also. Hoping and praying that things turn around so we can get back to normal. I did get to take the bike out Tuesday since it was clear and warm here. The RT started quickly like it was anxious to hit the road but the warning light came on showing the left headlight out and the darn fuel strip quit for the fifth time. Glad it's still under warranty. I'm trying to stay off of facebook (explanation not needed) so I would love to hear a positive word from some of you faithful members on this website. I miss you all and especially the RTE and the Bob Steber (Miss you buddy) inspired Wednesday lunch bunch gathering. If you read this message let me know you're doing well and ready to ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jim Dubick
    2010 R1200RT


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      Fellow AlaBeemers:

      Just a note to say I'm attaching amended minutes from the January Zoom Mtg as requested by our "Regions Financial Relationship Consultant" which merely enunciate the obvious fact: Tim Flynn is being replaced as the '2nd signer' on club business [very gladly I might add], and The Grand Poobah, Phil Ager, will replace him. Thankfully, Jeanne Zibell remains the Primary Authorized Signer for BMWMOAL business matters!

      And please mark your calendars for our first northern Alabama Second Saturday Ride-2-Eat on 13 March @11:15. We've selected the previously approved, Bama-Bucks Restaurant & Wild Game Park, 292 Bryant Road, SE of 'downtown' Boaz ( N34 09.999' W86 07.061' ). Let's hope that the weather will cooperate, and that some of you Beemer jockeys, tired of sheltering in place, will fire up your super-deluxe machines and head out for a delicious lunch with your mates! I enquired with Jennifer; she encourages a large-group will more easily be seated Earlier rather that Later when they tend to get very busy on Saturdays! Items to savor include: various salads, a simple Angus burger $11, French Dip $12, Bite a Hog in the Butt $12, and other more exotic seafood and wild game Plates... Just don't forget your Diner's Club, Discovery, or American Express cards!
      >>> <<<

      That's all I got for now! We're still working on the May Business Meeting so check back!
      Be safe and have fun,
      Phil & Mdm Secretary