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Alabeemers @ the 2022 National MOA Rally - Springfield, MO

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  • Alabeemers @ the 2022 National MOA Rally - Springfield, MO

    Another MOA National is in the books. Congrats to all the folks who worked hard to put it together. It definitely takes a lot of people to put this event on -- and many of those who volunteer their time/effort are members of our own club. I know I didn't see all the Alabeemers in attendance, but I saw a bunch, including Reece Mullins (MOA president. Rhonda was there, too, but I missed her), Vance Harrelson (Mari was there, too, but she must have been with Rhonda as I missed her, too), Phil & Karen Ager (our own Alabeemer Pres and first lady), Mike Greenwood, Pam and Tom Werstler, Jim Rasco, Tim Flynn, Brian and Shannon Hinton -- I know I've missed a bunch, but with over 4600 MOA members/guests scattered out over the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds (a HUGE place) I may have walked right by you without seeing you or saying hello (no slight intended, I assure you). Next year's rally will be a week earlier, just north of Richmond, VA. Make plans now to attend the 50th MOA National and take the time to tour the beautiful Shanandoah Valley, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and other POI's near the Rally or along the way.

    If you weren't at the 49th Rally (celebrating the MOA's 50th Anniversary), you missed a great time -- and yes, it was HOT! The seminars were in A/C comfort, tho'.
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