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Invitation to Rendezvous with Georgia BMW Riders!

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  • Invitation to Rendezvous with Georgia BMW Riders!

    So, I’ve just been informed about a chance to rendezvous with the Georgia BMW Owners M/C Club - IN NE Alabama! Holy Cow!
    Their modest-sized group will overnight at the Lake Guntersville State Park Lodge - if you’re nearby or if ya want to connect there for dinner & libations...

    Here’s the link to their GA BMW Owners Events Calendar. 677961&event_date_id=255

    But their Saturday Ride on June 4th is to Barber’s Vintage Motorsports Museum...
    Y’all can meet-up & tour the facility with them around 11'ish...

    So all y'all B’Ham and Hoover and Pelham residents should drop by and “Connect” with some of the GA BMW enthusiasts!
    It seems that poor Philip must work at Harrison Brothers Hardware Store on the first & third Saturday...

    But y’all should still go Meet & Greet!

    That’s the latest from HSV HQs. Of course our MOAL Business Meeting is this Saturday afternoon at Joe Wheeler State Park.
    If you’re not intending to overnight, at least come for the meeting at Pavillon #1 on Saturday... About 2 miles into the park from US-72.
    I’ve gotten a few RSVP’s, so I’m tap dancing around the actual Meeting details.
    Plan to meet mid-afternoon as a social event and then butt heads around 5pm...

    Hope to hear from a couple more folks.... A quorum might could be achieved with Eight members -- only 8 attendees {not there quite yet}.

    Hasta la vista y’all,
    Phil & Karen

    c: 301-503-7472

    POC for GA BMW club is Secretary, Rudy
    Bristow: (404) 405-8901
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