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Dec 11th Scheduled Business Mtg in Hoover

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  • Dec 11th Scheduled Business Mtg in Hoover

    Greetings AlaBeemers; happy almost Veteran’s Day to all who’ve served in uniform!

    After our recent October business Meeting & 50th Birthday celebration, it’s now time to focus on the scheduled December gathering in Hoover! The regulars know what’s in store; our most recent recruits need some information. Thanks go to Darlene for using her chits to help us reserve a block of rooms and the usual meeting space at the Hampton Inn at Eagle Point (along the busy AL-280; 6220 Farley Ct, in Hoover, AL). Of course you’re welcome to simply attend the business meeting and then split.

    Rooms are reasonably offered as a Friday & Saturday night special (as is the norm).

    A Double Queen, “No Smoking” room is $109/night plus local/state taxes.
    A Single King, “No Smoking” room is $99/night plus local/state taxes.
    A Single King Suite, “No Smoking” room is $109/night plus local/state taxes.

    BMW Group (

    With your RSVP before Dec 4, we’ll have a head count for a delicious catered BBQ dinner from a local restaurant. After the buffet dinner, we’ll reassemble in the hotel lobby and have the always memorable Dirty Santa gift swap ($20 or less). Unlike Guntersville Lodge, this is a pack your own cooler/BYOB social.

    Please contact Phil with your RSVPs.
    mail to:

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    It's still early-on; one week til Thanksgiving! The attendees list currently stands at 10.

    I'm planning a short "meeting/Sitrep" kicking off at 5 o'clock {conveniently called Happy Hour - BYOB}. We'll try to have the buffet up & running by 5:30. Clean up our meeting space before 1900, and move the
    festivities out to the Lobby as has been enjoyed in years past when we actually met.

    Sound Reasonable? This is Phil - countin heads - Carry on, Y'all


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      Still hoping to get some more RSVPs before our 'T' -7 deadline for organizing our BBQ delivered dinner....
      I've heard from eight couples - Hope a few more members will see this post and make an appearance!!!

      I was reading this MOA thread about the history of the earliest clubs {which I've added my 2 cents}...

      Ian just recently posted a photo & invitation to the San Diego club's 5-Dec Christmas Social. They take their
      parties a bit more seriously (as we did in DC). It's only $45 a seat... John Hermann will cover the club's deficit
      if they don't get to the minimum threshold! He's a hero of mine when he autographed his new "full color" edition
      of his book: Motorcycling Journeys Through The Alps and Corsica, and dared me to ride the route in one section
      of the Dolomites titled Seventeen Passes in One Day. I invited to Karen back in 07, we rented a GS in Milan, and
      the rest is history {she said yes at the Belvedere Restaurant overlooking Cortina, d'Ampezzo}.


      HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all y'all,
      ​​​​​​​Phil & Karen


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        Good Saturday morning from the North Alabama Vintage Motorcycle Club breakfast.

        Just a reminder that we asked for RSVPs by COB on Dec 4th…. Think we stand at ~36 folks, cause some have responded to el Presidente and some have communicated directly to Darlene.

        Y’all have a great weekend!
        Cheers from the Blue Plate Cafe!
        Phil & Karen


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          Did anyone take a picture at the meeting? Sorry we couldn't be there.
          Jim Dubick
          2010 R1200RT


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            Plenty of pictures were taken. Hope they can be posted soon! We missed you and Susan!
            2012 Triumph Bonneville SE
            2015 BMW R1200RT


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              Originally posted by jdubeemer View Post
              Did anyone take a picture at the meeting? Sorry we couldn't be there.
              I can only share one taken from the "head table;" many pictures must be on peoples' cell-phones...
              Merry Christmas Eve, y'all.


              For the record, here are the minutes as approved oh so recently...
              >>> <<<
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