The ABEES Touring Guide is developed to encourage our club members to explore the wonderful and some times very surprising sites that the great state of Alabama has to offer. So, the next time you think to yourself, “it’s a great day for a ride, but where will I go”, just pick out some of the Points of Interest, Restaurants and Favorite Roads and Rides from your ABEES Touring Guide, get on the bike, and go exploring. Your ABEES Touring Guide can also be used to help plan mini vacations in Alabama. Some of the best roads and sites in the country are right here in our own back yard.

There are more than 600 eateries and points of interest listed here. Also listed are 51 of our club member’s favorite Alabama motorcycling roads and rides, Club meeting locations, non club gatherings; all indicated with a code to point out the different categories such as covered bridges, vineyards, waterfalls, power dams and BBQ joints. Additionally there are regional maps showing the five regions of Alabama.

Many of the eateries are from the “100 dishes to eat in Alabama before you die” publication, produced by the Alabama Bureau of Tourism & Travel in 2007. The others are our club member’s suggestions. Many of the points of interest are gathered from the “INSIDERS Guide – Off The Beaten Path – Alabama” by Gay N. Martin. We strongly suggest that you purchase Ms. Martin’s book because it has a wealth of information about the wonderful places to explore in Alabama including directions, opening hours, phone numbers and well written descriptions of the points of interest.

By having your ABEES Touring Guide and the “Insider’s Guide – Off the Beaten Path Alabama” with you during your travels, you will save valuable time by not having to search for the places you want to visit, and then discover that you arrived on a day they are closed or require reservations. Bogart’s Motorsports stocks Ms. Martin’s book or it can be purchased via an internet seller.

Your Touring Guide is organized alphabetically by city, then place of interest. There is a brief description of each place listed, but for more complete information, consult Ms. Martin’s book or the internet. Also, please note that some of the places may no longer be in business or they may be located several miles from the designated city. As you visit places, you can enter the dates in the Date column, and then enter your more detailed notations in the Date & Notes section of the Touring Guide.

This Touring Guide does not take all the work out of your hands. It points you to a specific location of the state where the sites can be found. It is up to the rider (or navigator) to find specific addresses and plan their adventures. We encourage our riders to carry this guide and Ms. Martin’s book with you so you can have some extra fun and pleasurable times as you travel Alabama on your motorcycle.

We hope that each of our members and friends will use this guide regularly and always take time for new experiences. When you find interesting places, please send a few favorite photos and a little story about your discovery to our newsletter editor so it can be shared with other club members.