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    Jennifer just called. Eric was hit by a car, hit & run, in Chattanooga. Currently he is in ICU @ Erlanger. Apparently several broken ribs, multiple fractures of the pelvis, ?ruptured bladder. Terry Dendy was right behind him. By the time he got pulled over, stopped & back to Eric, the car driver took off on foot. Lots of witnesses, immediate 911 calls and response. Surgery scheduled tomorrow. State troopers know who they are looking for. Further details as available.

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    OMG !!!!!!!!!

    Please keep us updated on Eric.
    It would be today I start a brand new job or I could have gone up there to stay a couple days with Jennifer.


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      Jeanne, thank you for the notice. I will try to go up tomorrow to see him.
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        Thanks Jeanne for letting us know. We will follow up on Eric and keep the news posted here as we get it. Stay strong big Eric our thoughts and prayers are with you man. We wish you a speedy recovery.
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          correction: The accident apparently happened in Summmerville. John is on his way now there to take care of bike & personal belongings. Don't know if it is at someones home or a shop. Eric is in surgery, His mother is en route. More later.


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            Just got off the phone with jennifer: Erik's out of surgery (pelvis, bladder, and ribs) in icu now. He's going to be in icu for a couple days so jennifer asked that people wait until he's in a regular room. Second surgery later this week on his arm.... Lots of pins and screws... He's probably going to have to learn to walk again. Right now docs think @3 months in bed.... Prayers to erik and jennifer and big thanx to terry and john.
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              That is tragic news, my heart aches. I hope the long term prognosis is not as bad as they say. Those close to Jennifer please keep us updated.
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                Our thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer and Erik. Terry and Joan
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                  Our thoughts and prayers too. Keep us informed and let us know if there is anything we can do. Russ & Rox
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                    Paul & I send our wishes for a quick recovery. We'll be keeping Erik & his family in our thoughts. On a second note...send that dude that hit him to MS and we'll take care of the problem. NO EXCUSE for him. Gail
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                      Thoughts and prayers for Eric and family... while I am to be in Alabama all week..I should be in Chattanooga next week and will check on Eric...
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                        I'm just sick over this. We had so much fun this weekend with Erik there. WE always do. I hate so bad that he will have to go through all this. I do hope Jennifer will let us know what they need help with. My prayers are certainly with them.


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                          Sorry to hear about this Erik. I pray that all will go well and your recovery will be successful. Stay strong and take it slowly for a full recovery. As Gail said, no excuse for the scum-bag. The State Police found the guy that hit my daughter and I so let's hope that they get your guy AND that he has insurance.

                          Take care Erik.


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                            Originally posted by SteveHebert View Post
                            As Gail said, no excuse for the scum-bag. The State Police found the guy that hit my daughter and I so let's hope that they get your guy AND that he has insurance.
                            If the scum-bag ran from the scene he probably doesn't have insurance or even a drivers licence.
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                              Does anyone have any info they can put on here as to where eric is in the hospital at,phone # etc as those of us in the south have no idea where Erlanger is.

                              God speed for a speedy recovery Eric.

                              Has anyone heard if they have apprehended the felon yet?