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Bogart's is back! Nay say I.

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  • Bogart's is back! Nay say I.

    I have complained about Bogart's service in the past just as many of you have. However, I think the old Bogart's is on the way out and the new Bogart's is here (hopefully to stay). Long live the new Bogart's! All kidding aside, I have had excellent service from Andy in parts the last few trips in and am very pleased. I also had a talk with Kenny from service about an issue with my '07 RT that even Atlanta didn't resolve. I think he has a pretty good idea how to fix it and he even insisted it would only be a day or two in the shop. I remember past service trips that took two weeks for a scheduled service (old Bogart's). I'll keep you all updated on the trip to service this week.

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    That's great to hear Jimmy. I have also noticed a big improvement and agree that the service and parts departments are vastly improved.
    Bob Steber
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      Having just gotten back on a bike after a 15+ year absence, I have made many, many trips to Bogarts in the past three months to purchase gear for both myself and my significant other as well as various parts. Andy has been fantastic...responsive, friendly, helpful advice, I couldn't have asked for more.

      And David Sanders always goes out of his way to initiate a friendly conversation with me when he sees me (even on my many trips for the past year "just looking.")

      I may not be able to speak of the "old" Bogart's, but the one that I have experienced has been top notch.
      Chris Patterson
      MOA, MOAL, RA, AMA
      1992 K75 RT "Charley"
      2012 R1200 GS Adventure "Gustav"


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        Image that - Bogart's and David Sanders getting rave reviews. I am glad and think maybe my blunt message may have gotten through. those of you that shop at bogart's, I hope you continue to have good experiences, but as for myself my bike business will be elsewhere.
        Charm and Mr. Congeniality


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          Bogart's service

          I have found in two separate instances where Bogart's customer service is still quite lacking. I leave a voice mail for the parts department because they will not answer the phone. They call back two or three days later. (they lost a sale). I called them twice on May 8th and when I finally get someone at the parts counter, he takes my information because (he says) he has a customer at the counter. He says he will call back. He never returned my call.

          As an owner of an expensive BMW, which was purchased at Bogarts, I expect better service than what I have experienced.


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            You shouldn't be so harsh. Now half of the club will have to take Saturday and march up to Bogart's and apologize to them for club members being nasty with the dealer again

            Charm and Mr. Congeniality


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              Bogart's service

              I am just stating the facts as they occur.


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                Bogarts - A positive experience

                Hello all. I’m not a big poster by nature, but I do read quite a lot on this site and wanted to share a recent experience with all of you.

                Last month I took my 2007 KGT to Bogart's for the 6K service. While there, I mentioned to Kenny Brogan that the front brakes had developed a “grabbing” issue at slow speeds, most noticeable right as the bike rolled to a stop. He noted that on the service order and I left the bike with them.

                When I picked up the bike week later, Kenny told me the rotors (runout) were technically within spec, but he had experienced the problem I described on a test ride and he was working w/ BMWNA on the issue and would be in touch. About a week after that, I received an email from him telling me that BMWNA had approved the work as a warranty repair and he had ordered the parts.

                Subsequently we set up a time to have the work done yesterday. I arrived at 10:00AM as planned, the bike was in the shop by 10:10 and was finished by 11:00, as promised.

                I know that Bogart’s has taken some grief lately (deservedly so?), but I wanted to let you know that, at least on this issue, I had a first-class experience. Kenny took the time to identify the problem and work w/ BMWNA to get rotors replaced under warranty. While I realize that all service visits do not go this well, it is refreshing when something goes as expected. My thanks to Kenny and the service staff @ Bogart’s on this one.

                Steve Farley


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                  I'm glad you had a good experience at Bogarts, and thanks for sharing.

                  Charm and Mr. Congeniality