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Dim headlight keeps blowing lightbulb

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  • Dim headlight keeps blowing lightbulb

    I have a 2000 k1200lt that blows the dim headlight bulb within a few days of replacing it. Does anyone have any idea what might be the cause of this malfunction? The bright light is not affected.

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    K1200lt dim headlight bulb blowing

    My K12lt dim bulb stops working shortly after replacing it. I thought the bulb had blown. It has blown two other dim bulbs in the past.

    The battery on my bike went belly up and I had to replace it. Miraculously, the dim light started working again. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this. Gremlins? Lepracauns? Dwarfs?


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      Dim headlight continues to blow

      Thanks for all the response to my query regarding possible causes of my dim headlight bulb continously blowing. For everyone's information, and maybe something to remember, the bulb contacts probably had some "trash" in them that prevented a good contact with the bulb. If someone has a problem similar to this, remember to check the contacts in the bulb socket. This could probably be so with other bulbs not working as well.

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        I appreciate the humor, Jeryl, but I would like to give you one possible problem area that may be so obvious it goes without saying. I would check to see where the headlight is grounded and regardless of the appearance of the connection, I would remove the wire and sand the connection area and reconnect. It might not be a bad idea to check it anyway because the crud in the low beam socket could have been formed by excessive heat in the socket because of the weak ground. Sorry about waiting two years for my suggestion.
        Jeff Sparks


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          Dim headlight bulb

          Good suggestion. Chris Hand has been working with this problem since I had this bike. He happened to discover and fix the problem last time the bike was in the shop. I have had a German car for going on 35 years. Most problems with them were electrical related, Same could be said probably for the German bikes, as well.