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The K12 is out of commission for a while.

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    The bike is back in my garage.

    The K12 is back in my garage after being repaired by my friend Les Willey. The problem turned out to be a failure of the Clutch Slave Cylinder which contaminated the clutch plate with brake fluid. While he was in there, Les checked to see if any oil was leaking past the "O" ring at the engine output shaft. There was no leakage, but since these "O" rings have a tendency to leak, he pulled the "O" ring and it was so brittle, it broke when he removed it (a failure waiting to happen) (see the photos at Picasa). He replaced the "O" ring with a Viton ring that has a working temperature about 100 degrees higher than the stock ring. He also drilled weep holes in the housing. Here are photos of the tear-down and the "O" ring.

    I took the bike for a long test ride this afternoon and it feels great. Total cost for the repair (parts and labor) was $825.59. Les did a great job - He works primarily on BMW bikes, but will work on other brands also.
    Steve Schuckman
    2002 K1200RS Ice Blue/Marrakesh
    2015 Mercedes SLK350