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LED turn signal swap on '03 R1150GS Adventure ?

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  • LED turn signal swap on '03 R1150GS Adventure ?

    I've had two turn signals both break at the shaft on my 2003 R1150GS Adventure. I bought two pair of these Black LED Turn Signals BMW R1150 on eBay to replace my turn signals all around.

    When I connected up a single turn indicator on the front, and the old stock bulb was still connected on the back of my BMW, the indicator would flash "fast" - the same as when a single bulb is blown. When I also replaced the indicator on the rear, - they would give one single flash when activated, and then nothing else happened, - which I assume is the standard signal from my bike that both bulbs are blown.

    ... I am assuming that because the LED signals have such a low pull on electricity, that my BMW is assuming that the bulb is blown. Can anyone suggest a fix so that I can use the turn signals I purchased from you on both the front and rear of my bike?



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    That would be a good Terry question. Your assumption sounds reasonable to me... I just don't know if that is correct....

    I know...I know...thanks for nuttin'!
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      Load resistors ...

      I discovered the answer is "Load Resistors" ... They can be found on eBay for $8.00 to $9.00 a pair after postage. Here is one link ~