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    I've been thinking about replacing my battery, according to my two year battery change rule. Heh heh heh! Anyway, I saw a new Westco agm battery on Bemmerboneyard. It has more CCAs than the stock one. Have any of you had experience with Westco batteries or do you have other battery suggestions?

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    I have a westco battery in my /7 that has been in three of my airheads and is dated 1996. I traded in a R100GS several years ago and it was in it. I replaced it and then the battery in my R75/6 went dead and I put it in there. I bought a new battery for the /6 before I sold it to Steve Hebert so it was sitting on the floor of my shop when I bought my R100/7 in 08. The battery in it was bad so I picked up the old westco and stuck it in there. I keep saying I will get a new one for the bike but it keeps acting like a new battery. It just doesn't want to die. Now that I have said that it will probably short out and go up in smoke but it is a testament for westco sealed batteries.
    Jim Dubick
    2010 R1200RT


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      I echo what Jim said. Either the Westco or Panasonic (same batteries) sealed battery is a wise choice. Rick Jones used to sell the Panasonic and recommended them highly, still does, even though he no longer sells them.

      You can conservatively plan to use it at least 3 years. I have one in my R100GSPD that is going on five years and is still going strong. I do keep it on a Battery Tender which I think has a lot to do with the long life.
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      Bob Steber
      1995 R100GSPDC Long Tall Sallie
      1991 R100GS The Bumblebee
      1976 R90s Odalisque


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        Another fan of the Westco that Jim bought for me without me knowing it (thanks Jim). That battery is so great that I ordered one for my R1150GSA. Why spend $140 on an Odessy when you can spend $89 on the Westco?.


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          Thanks folks! I think I'll order one of those.