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  • Oil change questions

    I have been reading articles on the net and was wondering...what interval most people use to change their oil, what oil to use and what filter to use. It has been a little over 4,000 miles since my bike got an annual service and almost 6 months. Is it time?

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    I go by the owners manual.
    Jim Dubick
    2010 R1200RT


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      Good advice except I bought my bike used in June, and it had been just serviced (80,800 miles) and just turned 85,000 today. My intent was to see if most changed their oil every 3,000, 5,000 or 6,000 miles. and if synthetic oil was a consideration. Our warmer weather here in the south may have an effect on viscosity choice. So in summing up, I was looking for more than just information contained in a manual.


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        For my K bike and airheads, I change engine oil and filter at 5,000 miles and use Valvoline 20/50 Motorcycle oil. For the transmission and final drive, I like Red Line Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil.

        That said, I'll wager you will find that there are many other suggestions.
        Bob Steber
        1995 R100GSPDC Long Tall Sallie
        1991 R100GS The Bumblebee
        1976 R90s Odalisque


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          I changed mine on my K75 3/25/09 with 92,456 on the clock. As of today, 11/6/09 I have 98,176 miles and will change it next weekend. I use Amsoil 20w50. 10w50 over the winter. Bentley says every 6 months or 4,500 miles. 6 - 7,000 is about as long as I'd want to go even with Amsoil, but every bike, riding style and climate is different and all plays into it.
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          Chris Patterson
          MOA, MOAL, RA, AMA
          1992 K75 RT "Charley"
          2012 R1200 GS Adventure "Gustav"


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            In 1974 or '75 I read the first reviews of Mobil 1 in Poplar Mechanics and have been been using synthetic oil ever since.

            Express Oil change sells Vavoline products and I live near one so I run Vavoline Synthetic Blend in the cars. Both the oil and filter are changed at the 5 K mark. All Fords, those vehicles are at 115 k, 121 k, and 96 k. None of them use oil.

            I ran Mobil 1 in the K bikes but changed to Shell Rotella T Synthetic (blue jug) for the Wing about four years ago. I change the oil and filter in the motorcycles at the 5 k mark or once a year, whichever comes first.

            Mobil 1 is in the Airhead at the moment, but it only arrived in the carport 3 weeks ago so I haven't decided yet whether to stay with Mobil 1 or go with one of the others.

            I also use synthetics in the final drives, tranny, etc.
            '00 R1100RT

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              Oil Change Thread

              "Igor" (Airhead) Spectro 20-50 Dino every 2500 miles; FILTER change every 10K miles; gearboxes/shaft: 5K Dino GL-5 Spectro.

              "Inga" (Oilhead) Spectro(BMW) 15-50 synth every 5K + filter. Gearboxes: 5K synth Spectro (BMW) 5K......

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