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  • Twentieth Anniversary Cover

    Whilst wandering thru the motorcycle-crap/exercise room recently; I noticed my picture on the framed cover of the January edition of the Owners News from 20 years ago. My how time flies...

    The actual "1st Annual R90S Rally" was held at Mac Kirkpatrick's hacienda in southern PA back in late summer of Y2K. The much younger me is in the middle of the photo of the cover; got an old orange AeroStich jacket on (to match the Daytona Orange) with my foot on my foot-peg. The photographer was like 3 stories up on Mac's house while attendees were down a steep slope in the backyard. Four of the attendees were positioned at the back because their bikes had been painted differently than factory spec.

    Todd Trumbore responded via email that he's there in the front row, second in from the left with my ’76 Daytona. His close friend, Karl Duffner, somehow got removed from the big “S” and had to settle for the back row like yesterday's news. "It was a shame because if anyone deserved a better place in the lineup it was Karl, a living legend… After all he only had 363,000 miles on that R74S, but barely noticeable in the back. I know he wasn’t too happy about that."

    Mac remarked separately that the most recent rendezvous was in Oct 2019 for the celebration of “The R80G/S-R65LS 40th Rally” attended by BMW designer Hans A. Muth who visited from Germany. That gathering is described on the MOA forum:

    Safe Travels goin forward in 2021;
    Anyone else attending the Orange Beach MOA Getaway on 12-14 Feb?
    CIAO Y'all. Phil


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    Any chance you could get the rest of the names? Some of those faces look pretty familiar but that was a long time ago. It looks like Lowell from Bluegrass Beemers to your left.


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      For those vintage AlaBeemers who might be curious, a photo off the Table of Contents page. Think Spring!
      Ciao! Phil