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    Newby here from Fort Payne. I've been riding since the 70s and I'm a long time BMW admirer but I've never owned one. That is until tomorrow, maybe. I'm going to pick up a 1971 R75/5 that's been well molested by previous owners. Any specific things I might miss while the glow of motorcycle sex has my blind?

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    Welcome Oldroadie!

    There are plenty of airhead riders in your area for sure. It is hard to say what to look out for. Generally the old airheads are bullet proof and much less expensive to fix if needed. Crank her up and go for a little ride and see what she feels and sounds like. Others will chime in here I'm sure. This has not been a very active forum for some time but there are plenty of us that have airheads.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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      It's going to have to be a real pile of rust to keep me from bringing it home...


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        Benchmark Works
        3400 Earles Fork Rd.
        Sturgis MS. 39769


        Vech , has anything you should need for your Toaster Tank.

        You might consider going to his Spring meet
        April 15-17, might snag some used items like handlebars and exhaust.

        He usally gives a 10% discount on new parts purchased at the Rally.

        Good luck and enjoy your Airhead.


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          Thanks, that's a great resource. I brought it home and there's a lot here to work with so I'm very pleased:

          Already got the mini-apes removed and the carb floats working (but it is a bit sketchy since the float valves don't match) and the tank drained of whatever that was that came out; it only resembled gas. If I'm lucky when the battery is through charging, it'll fire both cylinders today and stay lit...